Gold canned wax

With golden particles that keep the temperature lower. With Titanium Dioxide indicated for sensitive skin.
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Quantity 800 ml / 500 ml can


*Made from rosin derivatives (pine resin) and vegetable oils, its texture is very adherent and does not dry so it must be removed with hygienic strips. STARPILIt is applied with a disposable wooden spatula, as opposed to the roll on system. We recommend its application in large areas such as legs and arms.


Removes hair from the root. Its application, being with spatula, adapts perfectly to the body anatomy.high hair removal power. Suitable for sensitive skin.


We suggest its application in large areas. The wax is extracted from the can, previously heated in a 500 ml heater, with a disposable spatula. It is applied on the area to be treated in a very thin layer. Do not overlap the product. Its extraction is done with hygienic strips Starpil.