With iridescent pigments

With iridescent pigments that minimize the temperature that favors adherence and reduces the sensation of heat and discomfort.
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Quantity Box of 20 refills of 110 gr.


Roll-on waxing provides excellent results. Thanks to the type of resins with which it is manufactured, it can be used at a higher temperature than low-melting wax. The presence of titanium dioxide in its composition makes it more respectful of the skin. When applied with a thinner strip, it cools almost immediately and the heat is not noticeable. Easily removed with hygienic strips STARPIL.


Single use only. Suitable for all skin types. Hygienic No heat sensation Fast Effective Practical Wide variety Durable


We suggest its application in large areas. Do not overlap product. While applying, incorporate the refill so that wax does not accumulate at the exit end, especially indicated for sensitive skins.