Pearl wax glitter wax jade

A wax with an elastic pearl texture that incorporates in its composition a component with a WOW effect: glitter.
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Quantity Doypack of 1kg in pearls


A new hair removal concept to surprise and enhance the lives of professionals. The most glamorous and glamorous hair removal experience. fashion at STARPIL in line with the new trends: glitter is in.

A wax with an elastic pearl texture that incorporates a component with a WOW effect in its composition: glitter. Wonderful colors and visual effect. Sensational in-booth experience

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive or reactive, and for all body areas. Perfect for tattooed skin


  • Allows thinner coats to be applied without crazing or cracking of the wax
  • Perfect dosage and fast melting
  • Dries faster and remains flexible
  • Soft and easy to remove
  • Perfect start
  • Removes even the shortest hair by the root without breaking it


Suitable for application on all body areas, including sensitive areas such as groin, underarms and face.


Vegetable resin (rosin) and wax of natural origin, polymers, fragrance and pigment.