Pure Vegan post epil emulsion

Excellent post-waxing treatment due to its high capacity to restructure the skin quickly after the light mechanical exfoliation performed by the depilatory wax. It can be applied to all body areas.
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Quantity 200 ml bottle


Moisturizes - sanitizes - retards. Very light post depilatory emulsion with triple effect: moisturizing, sanitizing and delaying. Excellent toning and antioxidant effects. With natural active ingredients such as almond, cottonseed and chamomile oils that add nutrients and have a
soothing effect, providing a sensation of freshness.


Moisturizes. Regenerates. Delays the appearance of hair


Always apply after waxing with a gentle and relaxing massage. Tip: on large areas such as legs and arms, it can be mixed with Post Epil Pure Vegan Oil for a more moisturizing effect.