Starsoft Low Melt Wax

Premium low melting wax, for a perfect finish on sensitive and/or small areas.
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Quantity Tablets in box 1kg


Ideal for small areas such as underarms, groin, eyebrows, upper lip, etc.


Excellent recovery, repairing and moisturizing agent Increases pain tolerance threshold Reduces the possibility of skin reactions Immediate restructuring effect Eliminates hair by the root Removes even the shortest hair without damaging the skin Soothes and calms


Apply at 45-50 ºC. It cannot be liquid, the ideal state is semi-solid. It is applied with a disposable spatula making the edges very clean to remove the product on a plate and do not leave residues on the skin. Starsoft low melting wax takes a little longer to dry due to the type of resin. Work several areas at the same time to economize the working time. Not recyclable.