Lavender wax ֎ relaxing fragrance

CERA LAVANDA֎ Fragancia relajante

Today we tell you the benefits of our line of lavender waxes. A true beauty treatment.

Roll on

The replacement system or roll on is one of the ways to perform safe, hygienic and rapid shaphy treatments. The roll on lavender Starpil, with its pleasant relaxing fragrance, it allows us to perform a depilatory and beauty treatment with unique results.

It is a crystalline wax with high extraction power of all types of hair, fine, thick, short and long, always taking care of our client's skin. Perfect results in depilatory treatments in men.

We recommend its use in large areas such as legs, arms, back and abdomen.

Low fusion

Low lavender fusion wax is designed to be applied in the most sensitive areas such as face, English and armpits, can also be applied in the rest of body areas. It is a crystalline wax, with high extraction power of all types of hair. Be careful/or with your point of application and your treatment will be perfect.

Tip: We recommend the combination of both techniques (roll on and low fusion) to customize the treatment according to the sensitivity of the different body areas. The Roll On system is ideal, due to its speed, in extensive areas and low fusion wax in more sensitive areas such as face, English and armpits.

It is also important to take into account the option to combine the two types of waxes. For example, we can apply the roll on leg system and combine it with low fusion wax in specific areas that are more sensitive, as an inner face of the thigh, popliteal hollow, upper area of ​​posterior face of the thigh. In this way we will do an excellent job, putting skin care and its integrity ahead.

Low fusion waxes Starpil They are multidirectional and only one -use.

The use of cosmetics is essential Starpil PRE and post depilatory in all depilatory treatments. On the one hand we take care of the skin, preparing it, regenerating it and moisturizing it and on the other hand we transform the depilatory treatment into a true beauty treatment.

Ana Laura Vázquez -Technical Director -Starpil