Do you know our calendula line?


Our calendula line We also call it hygienizing line since it really carries in all its products, active ingredients focused on deep hygienizing the skin of our client throughout depilatory and beauty treatment.

The line is composed of several products, from prepilotic cosmetics to post epil cosmetics with these active agents. In this way, from the beginning to the end of the treatment we add the effects of these interesting assets for a very hygienic and regenerating depilatory concept.

How is the calendula line composed?

Within the line we have: pre and post depilatory cosmetics and two types of wax to cover all body areas, low fusion wax and wax in roll on.

The entire line has the presence of two active agents of plant origin:

Calendula: Also called gold or wonder button. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine systems. With great properties for human health. On the one hand it is healing and regenerating, very interesting properties for a depilatory line. And on the other hand it is antiseptic and antibiotics (mainly antibacterial and antifungal).

Tea tree extract: For many years that we see this active in the composition of several types of cosmetics (moisturizing creams, facial soaps, masks and exfoliants) for its multiple properties. It is a great antiseptic, eliminates and reduces the growth of microorganism in the skin. This joins its great soothing power, beneficial for sensitive skins and is a restorative of the cutaneous pH.

Pre and post depilatory cosmetics

֎ Prepil gel calendula: The foreskin gel we always apply and in all body areas. It has a very light and fresh texture. It fulfills two very important functions. On the one hand, clean the skin effectively and on the other hand it prepares it to receive the hair treatment. Two essential functions to obtain excellent results protecting the skin from the beginning of our treatment.

֎ Post Epil Calandula Oil: It is a post epil cosmetic, to be applied after the end of the depilatory treatment. Clean, hydrate, regenerate and calm the skin. It is also ideal for a pleasant massage as a true gift for our client, for example in the leg area.

֎ Mousse Post Epil Calendula: It is a post -epil cosmetic that we can apply in all body areas. Restore the hydrolypid mantle, calm and cool the skin of our client. Of non -fat texture.

Depilatory waxes

֎ Low fusion wax Calandula: It is presented in pills format. It is a wax indicated even for the most sensitive skins since it is a very creamy wax with titanium dioxide in its composition. This component, widely used in the world of cosmetics, makes the wax very respectful of the skin since it has a greater affinity for hair than by the skin. We want to say with this that he has less cutaneous adhesion so that he is friendlier at the time of his extraction.

It is indicated, `for being so respectful of the skin, for all skin types.

It is also a polymerized wax, bone is a very elastic wax that favors the work of the professional and, with a good application technique, we minimize the possible discomfort of the client.

֎ Wax Roll on Calandula: The Roll On system also contains in its titanium dioxide composition, it is very creamy and a very pleasant texture and color.

In our protocols Starpil We suggest the use of roll on for large areas, such as legs, back, etc., and low fusion wax in delicate areas, such as facial, English and armpits.

        General characteristics of the calendula line

It helps keep the skin clean and protected.

It covers all body areas.

Prepare, hygienizes, hydrates.

Perfect extraction of any type of hair.

Eliminate short root hair without breaking it.

Allows you to apply fine layers.

Soft extraction.

Quick drying time always flexible.

Very elastic.