Depilatory waxes, a way to take care of your skin


STARPIL, with more than 35 years manufacturing waxes and depilatory cosmetic, also stands out for creating true depilatory and beauty protocols.

We emphasize a perfect extraction from unwanted hair, through the quality of our products and training to professionals to apply correct application techniques and also taking care and improving skin quality with the use of specific cosmetics according to the treated area and the status of the skin.

The skin is an external organ, the largest in the body, which fulfills the great function of protecting us. Its integrity and health are fundamental so that it can really be a protection barrier. This protection barrier is granted by the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis. Applying depilatory waxes with good techniques, with the high quality it gives us STARPIL and with use Correct of our excellent pre and post depilatory cosmetics, we will improve the barrier function and also the skin will look healthy and beautiful.

Three important steps to take into account:

  • The use of pre depilatory cosmetics is essential. Our prepile gel (with active agents of plant origin) fulfill two functions: on the one hand clean the skin, and on the other hand they repair the most superficial layer of the epidermis to receive the application of a wax.
  • Hair extraction and slight skin exfoliation with strapil's hair waxes.
  • Regeneration and deep hydration with the use of post -depilatory cosmetics.

For us, shaving is not just "removing" hair, for us shaving is to transform this concept, and live hair removal as a true beauty treatment.

Ana Laura Vazquez
Technical and Training Director · STARPIL