Choral line, swinging technique.


Was when STARPIL He turned 35, coral weddings, when we have launched this line. A real wonder to celebrate our love for our work.

The choral line It consists of three products: low fusion wax, roll on wax and light dry oil.

We explain your most outstanding characteristics:

Low fusion wax:

  • A soft wax, very friendly to the skin, since in its composition we have added an little amount of titanium dioxide, dust of mineral origin, which makes the wax more selective and have special affinity for hair and take care of this shape the skin. Being suitable for sensitive skin. It has as raw material that gives adherence, a synthetic resin, with excellent plasticity, allowing us to perform the swinging technique in delicate areas such as English and armpits. The swinging or pendulum technique can only be performed with our choral wax, since its slow drying, by the type of resin, allows us to work the wax with the spatula, in the shape of a pendulum, allowing us to encompass the hair totally. In this way, the hair treatment of these areas becomes very fast, effective, little annoying and also no large amounts of wax are needed.

Also perfect to work extensive areas, such as legs, since it contains polymers in its composition that make it very elastic, being able to make large wax plates.

Roll on wax:

  • Perfect to apply in extensive areas due to its speed, hygiene and safety. Suitable for all skin and hair types.

Lighting dry oil:

  • Dry oil, with tamanu oil, with antioxidant and repairing properties of the skin barrier. It gives the skin the perfect treaty to apply after depilatory treatment and for daily use at home. Dry oil is a new cosmetic concept, which acts as an oil but without leaving oily layer, in addition to beautifying the skin due to the effect of small illuminating microparticles. Ideal its use in summer.

Ana Laura Vazquez

Technical and Training Director · STARPIL