Pure Vegan line


As wax manufacturers, pre and post depilatory cosmetics, application techniques and treatments protocols and thinking about covering all the expectations of professionals and new trends, we have developed a vegan line to perform shaphy and beauty treatments. It also has a single application protocol: “Conscious Waxing”, A protocol in which the objective is to relax the client prior to depilatory treatment.

Pure Vegan is a complete line and has all the necessary products for a complete beauty treatment.

Conscol Waxing protocol

Aligned with the new trends and philosophy of life, STARPIL He has created a true depilatory and beauty treatment, where we will make a relaxation and well -being to our client. The "Conscious Waxing" kit has:

  • 4 cones of vanilla unk.
  • 1 vanilla candle.
  • 1 Bambetherapy kit for body and facial massage.
  • 1 special blanket STARPIL Conscious waxing in canvas bag (100 % recycled components).
  • 1 Dossier Protocol.
  • Downloadable video of the step by step protocol.

Also telling a full product line with the seal STARPIL That has been paid for almost 40 years.

Pure Vegan line

Pure vegan depilatory cosmetics - active agents of plant origin: Sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, chamomile, sunflower seed oil and a sugar complex that hydrate, repair and cool the skin.

Prepil Pure Vegan Gel: gel with refreshing properties, which hygienizes and repairs the skin of depilatory treatment. Softens the skin and hair, making sure a soft and effective hair removal. Incorporates sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, chamomile and a complex of sugars that hydrate, which repair preparing the skin to receive the application of waxes. Its use is essential before, always and in all body areas.

Post Epil Pure Vegan oil: Oil designed to remove possible wax remains on the skin that in turn, for its composition, sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, chamomile, sunflower seed oil and a complex of sugars that hydrate, repair, hydrate, hydrate and cool the skin, after depilatory treatment.

Post Epil Pure Vegan emulsion: Very light emulsion, of pleasant texture to perform a pleasant massage to our client. Excellent antioxidant effect with sweet almond oil, cotton seed oil, chamomile and sunflower seed oil and a sugar complex that hydrates and calm the skin after depilatory treatment.

Tip: In the leg area we recommend as post -epil cosmetic treatment the mixture of post epil pure vegan emulsion with post epil pure vegan oil. In this way we will reinforce the moisturizing action during the final massage.


Waxes Pure Vegan - completely vegan and with active agents of plant origin:

Low fusion wax: The low fusion wax of the Pure Vegan line is really a very respectful of the skin. In our protocols we recommend applying this type of wax in the most sensitive areas such as English, armpits and face and the rest of the body with roll on system.

It is a crystalline wax, with high hair extraction power from any body area, fine hair, thick hair and we can perfectly introduce it into female and male hairpilation treatments. We have achieved a perfect formula. We have replaced a component of animal origin, bee wax, with oil origin oils such as: soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, verniciflua oil Rhus and resin of robusta shorea. In addition to having obtained a totally product of plant origin, these components that replace the beeswax, make low fusion wax especially careful with the skin, by the moisturizing action of natural oils.

In addition, it is a polymerized wax, we mean that it is a very elastic wax, facilitating the work of the professional and minimizing client discomfort.

It has two presentations, in pills and in perlitas (it facilitates a rapid fusion) will depend on the choice of the professional's taste.

Roll On System: The Pure Vegan Roll On System also its composition is absolutely vegan. With: soybean oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil, verniciflua oil Rhus and Robusta Shorea resin. It is a crystalline roll on, with a perfect adhesion and also very friendly to the skin since it also has several oils of vegetable origin. We recommend its use in large areas combining in more sensitive areas with low fusion wax on the same line.

Pure Vegan It is recommended for all types of centers and your choice is important in cases of having vegan clients or demanding a natural and effective treatment.


Ana Laura, Technical and Training Director STARPIL