Summer and the changes in daylight undoubtedly encourage us to relax more, thanks to the pleasant temperatures and vacations. These seasonal factors can remind us to take better care of ourselves, indulge a bit, and take some time just for us.

The ABC of skincare starts with constant hydration. It's essential to apply moisturizing cosmetics to the skin daily, often more than once.

Having well-protected skin before sun exposure is ideal. This is crucial not only for sun exposure but also for waxing treatments.

Starpil views its application protocols as true beauty treatments, drawing a parallel between a facial treatment and their waxing treatment, where:

- The skin is cleaned using pre-wax cosmetics.
- Mechanical exfoliation is done with waxes.
- Hydration and repair are provided with post-wax cosmetics.

This comprehensive treatment is focused on removing all types of hair while caring for and treating the skin.

Starting to wax a few months before summer is also important. Waxing treatments slow down hair growth, thin the hair, and eventually lead to patches where hair no longer grows, which is a significant benefit.

Moreover, waxing provides gentle mechanical exfoliation, improving skin quality—perfect for sun exposure with the necessary precautions.

Waxing in the summer is one of the most requested services in many beauty centers.

Starpil includes relaxation protocols before waxing treatments, creating a pleasant experience for clients. With well-maintained aesthetic cabins, good application techniques, and pre- and post-wax cosmetics, Starpil ensures special skin care. The introduction of Starsoft and Pure Vegan lines makes waxing a perfect gift. Numerous spring and summer events like weddings, communions, and parties offer perfect opportunities to provide these services. Such protocols ensure customer loyalty, transforming waxing from a painful, uncomfortable process into a pleasant one.

Tips for optimal results:

1. Use Starpil products to ensure high quality at every step of the waxing treatment.
2. Always use Starpil pre- and post-wax cosmetics to prepare and repair the skin.
3. Continuously update your waxing techniques to avoid causing damage to clients and to maintain a good reputation.
4. Take your time, especially with sensitive areas like the bikini line and armpits, where the hair is denser and stronger.
5. Ensure the client is welcomed into a pleasant, relaxing, and clean cabin environment.

Summer is the perfect time to implement all these tips. Clients are more willing to take care of themselves, and finding a good waxing professional will ensure they use your services beyond waxing and recommend your center to others.

Ana Laura Vázquez  
Medical Cosmetology Technician