As creators of the roll-on system, Starpil continues to innovate and provide an exclusive contribution to beauty professionals with the launch of a complete line of roll-on products infused with natural active agents. Yes, we have drawn inspiration from the meadow and its characteristic flora, creating a pharmacy of infused wax.

This innovative therapy offers benefits for both body and mind through infused wax hair removal. We focus not only on the active ingredient but also on pre-application and post-application therapy, drawing from our experience and the trend towards integrative beauty.

Naturdepil hair removal wax with chamomile extract is safe for all skin types.
Chamomile is one of the most well-known plants for skincare.
- Anti-inflammatory
- Hypoallergenic
- Ideal for sensitive skin
- Regenerative
- Moisturizing

Naturdepil hair removal wax with mint extract is suitable for all skin types.
- Antibacterial effect
- Soothing
- Gentle exfoliation to remove dead cells
- Refreshing

Naturdepil natural hair removal wax with rosemary extract is safe for all skin types.
- Anti-inflammatory
- Relaxing
- Natural tonic
- Spa-like experience

Naturdepil natural hair removal wax with lavender extract is suitable and safe for all skin types.
- Relaxing
- Aromatherapeutic
- Detoxifying
- Antioxidant
- Softening

Naturdepil natural hair removal wax with olive extract is suitable and safe for all skin types. The benefits of olive and olive oil have been known since Cleopatra's time and are cherished by women of the Mediterranean.
- Healing
- Ultra-moisturizing
- Protective
- Hydrating

Our infusion treatment carefully processes freshly harvested herbs to extract their essence. Each wax variety is meticulously crafted using specific methods, ensuring nothing in the process is left to chance. We have infused the most renowned herbs into our roll-on wax, combined with proper pre and post-depilatory techniques, and the use of skincare products, continuing our commitment to providing true beauty treatments during hair removal.

Roll-on wax hair removal provides excellent results. Thanks to the type of resins used, it can be applied at higher temperatures than low-melt wax. Its thin application cools almost immediately, making the process comfortable for clients. It is easily removed with hygienic strips. Starpil recommends using the roll-on system for large areas like legs and back, as well as for sensitive areas like the bikini line, armpits, and face, with our high-quality low-melt waxes.

The Naturdepil line is complemented by pre and post-depilatory skincare products for optimal client skin care. Naturdepil pre and post-depilatory skincare products are made with excellent active plant-based ingredients that cleanse, regenerate, and hydrate the skin for perfect hair removal with excellent results.

Naturdepil Prepil Gel:
With its fresh, lightweight texture, it prepares and cleanses the skin before hair removal treatment, facilitating better hair extraction. It plays an important role in regenerating the skin before gentle exfoliation from the hair removal wax. Ideal for complete skin care.
Key ingredients include Menthol, chamomile extract, and witch hazel water.
- Relaxing
- Refreshing
- Disinfecting
- Deeply cleanses various residues: body creams, sweat
- Softens hair, minimizing discomfort
- Hydrates dry skin, protecting it during hair removal
- Antibacterial

With a pleasant gel-like texture and a fresh menthol fragrance, it is applied before hair removal treatment to all body areas, facial and body, with a light massage until fully absorbed.

Naturdepil Post-Epil Emulsion:
Hydrates, regenerates, and soothes the skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.
Vegetable oils hydrate and regenerate the skin, quickly recovering it after hair removal treatment.
Key ingredients include melon extract, centella asiatica, and plant extracts.
- Slows down hair growth
- Hydrates
- Cleanses
- Softens
- Antioxidant

It is a lightweight emulsion with a gentle fruity fragrance. Applied after hair removal treatment to any body area.
Apply using upward circular motions on the skin after hair removal.

Acid Cream:
Immediately restores the skin's pH, achieving rapid epidermal regeneration due to the presence of allantoin.
Thanks to oat extract, it restores skin moisture levels, hydrating and alleviating any redness.
Key active ingredients include olive oil and oat extract, allantoin.
- Hydrates
- Regenerates
- Stabilizes the skin's pH
- Soothes

It is an ideal cream for use after facial hair removal and on body areas that may be more red after hair removal treatment.

Naturdepil is a hair removal therapy based on phytotherapy and nature.

Ana Laura Vázquez - Technical in Medical Cosmetology
Maystar Technical Advisor.