There is no doubt that legs are a very common area to apply depilatory waxes. Whether in women or men. And we also know that it is an excellent treatment to spend more time without worrying about hair, but we also consider it as a treatment also for the skin, since our depilatory waxes are designed, accompanied by a good technique, to gently exfoliate the most superficial layers of the skin, which we call dead cells). Yes, our depilatory treatments focus on removing all types of hairs and also treat the skin.

One point we always like to make clear, we suggest for waxing large areas such as legs, our roll on system, and the more sensitive areas such as bikini line, underarms and face, with low melting waxes. We also know that many estheticians use low melt waxes for all body areas. And this concept is quite correct. But it is true that you have to know how to do it. By this we mean that to go fast we have to be able to make large wax plates for a large region such as the legs, otherwise it would be very slow and unprofitable.

Steps to follow in a waxing:

  • Application of Prepil Gel Starpil.
  • Application of depilatory waxes Starpil.
  • Application of Post Epil cosmetics. We have several options: Post Epil Emulsion or Post Epil Oil (we often make a mix between oil and emulsion, it is very moisturizing, perfect as post exfoliation with waxes). We also have the Post Epil Retardant Mousse or the Acid Cream for when we observe some skin reddening.



 Tips Depilation roll on legs system:

  • Always work with vinyl gloves.
  • Relying on our low melting waxes, specially indicated for fragile areas such as bikini line, armpits and facial, the roll on and can system are recommended for large body areas such as legs, back, arms, abdomen and chest.
  • Remember that the wax contained in a roll on is the same as the wax in a can. The only difference is the presentation format and the application technique. When working with canned wax, it is essential to apply very thin layers.
  • When our client's skin is sensitive, tanned from the sun or shows some whitish flaking, a sign of cosmetic dehydration, we choose to apply cream waxes. These waxes contain titanium dioxide in their composition and are more selective; they have more affinity for the hair than for the skin and therefore adhere less to the skin. Crystalline waxes are recommended for resistant skins that do not show signs of fragility.
  • Safety Test: Whenever we choose to perform a roll-on wax treatment, it is very important to perform a safety test on a hygienic strip prior to its application on the skin.
  • Apply only one layer of product, being especially careful with the creamier waxes that have more density due to the presence of titanium dioxide in their composition.
  • We advise not to repeat the application of this product. Always before repeating the application in the same area, we will try to activate in an energetic way the wax that we already have in a hygienic band on the area to be reworked, many times we manage to finish the area with this technique of reworking without having to apply wax again.
  • To apply the wax, place the applicator at about 45º to the skin, never at a right angle.
  • Depending on the type of wax and the heat received, the wax may be more liquid. It is very important to keep in mind to incorporate the roll on as I go working. We do not recommend applying the wax for no more than three applications with the roll on lying down, so that we do not see wax leaks.
  • The application of the wax is applied in the direction of the hair and the removal of the hygienic strip is done against this direction. Holding the strip with the fingertips and removing it parallel to the skin, never upwards so as not to cause damage to the client.
  • We must hold the skin very well from where we are going to perform the removal of the hygienic band to create a fixed and stable support on the skin. This also facilitates a much more effective hair removal result. Be especially careful on the inner thigh, upper knee and back of the thigh.
  • Finish the treatment with the application of Depilatory Cosmetics. It is essential, always and in all body areas, to apply the Prepil Gel and choose a post epilating cosmetic. Starpil cosmetic according to the treated area. Remember that waxing not only removes the hair, but also gently exfoliates the treated area. With the post epil cosmetics we will help to regenerate, soothe and perform a very healthy hydration for the skin.
  • If the legs are exposed in seasons like spring-summer, we apply a sunscreen 50.

And as always when waxing with depilatory waxes, it is important to recommend our client not to expose to the sun for 24-48 hours.


Ana Laura Vázquez- Medical Cosmetology Technician.

Maystar Technical Advisor.