This is our goal, transforming a hair treatment into a true beauty treatment.

Since a long time we know that depilatory treatment is not exposed as a beauty treatment. In fact it is a non -care service, it is a service that despite offering in beauty center, is not always pleasant and also often produces problems in the client that uses it, in the client that is shaved. Many times the professional does not know how to shave correctly and there are true skin damage, such as bruises, burns, great irritations. And they really are consequences that we can totally avoid. This is summarized that beauty professionals often do not have adequate training, do not prepare correctly to shave with waxes. And you have to keep in mind that it is one of the treatments where I can harm the client.

This is also added to the fact that there are few aesthetics professionals who take into account skin care during depilatory treatment. With this we mean that they do not apply pre and post depilatory cosmetics, they have problems with waxes, etc. It is essential to take into account skin care when we work with depilatory waxes since the type of adhesion added to temperature can be a problem if we do not work properly. For us it is important to remove hair properly and skin care is important. In fact, if we work properly, depilatory treatment is also a treatment for the skin since our waxes produce a slight mechanical exfoliation, healthy for the skin that if we accompany it with the use of pre and post depilatory cosmetic, we really make treatment that the treatment be an integral treatment of hair and skin.

We also believe that if we manage to transform the "Remove hair"In a true beauty treatment, it is undoubtedly an excellent way to improve our business. It is a way of highlighting, of being different. Let us not forget that in general, it is not emphasized to take care of the depilatory treatment. In this way when a aestheticist does it well, from every point of view, it attracts a lot of attention. In this way we loyalty to the client, since when a user meets a good professional who has managed to provide hair removal as a beauty treatment it catches his attention and will no longer change it and also recommend it.

Another very important point is to take into account the cabin where we work with depilatory waxes. It usually happens that the aestheticist does not have the necessary care it should have. We refer to the fact that wax is a product that requires constant hygiene for its special texture. On the one hand this, we have to be very careful and keep the cabin perfectly clean and without any trace of waxes. On the other hand, there are few professionals who prepare this cabin. We refer, even if the cabin is the smallest in the center, that does not mean that it is a pleasant, beautiful, clean space. It is ideal to wait for our client with very relaxing music, a soft and pleasant fragrance, candles. This does not depend on the size of our cabin because even if it is small we can transform it into a special space where the client feels really treated as in a beauty treatment.

Transforming depilatory treatment into a true beauty treatment will ultimately improve the business.

Summarizing our concept we could list several points:


Product quality.

Use of pre and post depilatory cosmetics.

Good application techniques.

Pleasant work booth.



Ana Laura Vázquez- Technique in Medical Cosmetology.

Maystar technical advisor.