The groin area, plus the underarm area, are the most fragile body areas against any depilatory method. And it is one of the most demanded services within hair removal in general.

The hair in the bikini or groin area, is very dense and very thick, added to the high sensitivity of the skin, all the factors come together so that really, as professionals of aesthetics and wellness, we have more care at the time of work.

Tips to keep in mind when performing a depilatory and beauty treatment in the groin area:

  • Work, as in all body areas, with vinyl gloves.
  • Set aside time, approximately 30-40 minutes to work on this area very calmly.
  • We recommend using our low melting waxes which are extremely kind to the skin.
  • Keep a close eye on the temperature of the wax. The wax must not drip, it must never be in a liquid state, for any area. Low melting wax is applied between 45-50°C, which is when we can control the wax on the spatula. With this temperature, we ensure that the wax does not burn.
  • Ask our client to butterfly their legs, bent and outward in order to produce tension on the skin to be waxed.
  • It is essential to clean and prepare the skin with Starpi Prepil Gellvery little quantity of product is used.
  • Always start working from the outside in, little by little, delicately, placing your hand on the area when removing the wax plate to minimize discomfort.
  • Start working with the medium "petal" technique, forming small petal-shaped wax plates.
  • Apply the "brushstroke" technique for more difficult hair strokes. StarpilThis technique is perfect for working on the area of the hair that is more difficult to remove. It is a perfect technique to work the pubic area when we want to leave a straight edge and a straight line.
  • The innermost parts of the area, work with small plates of wax, always stretching the surrounding skin. If it is necessary to ask our client's collaboration, no problem, the goal is to work safely and give security and confidence to our client.
  • The skin may be slightly reddened, and sometimes even with a small red dot. This usually happens and is due to the thickness of the hair and the mechanical traction exerted to perform the extraction.
  • Apply post depilatory cosmetics, we suggest our Post Epil Delaying Mousse, which provides an excellent sensation of freshness, hydration and regeneration.

If the skin is very sensitized, it is important to use the Acid Cream StarpilAcid Cream, which contains in its composition allantoin, a fast epidermal regenerator and a skin PH stabilizer.

  • In the event that our client describes the appearance of superficial folliculitis, due to his predisposition, we will apply, immediately after the wax treatment, Hair Puller de Starpil as it contains salicylic acid, an exfoliating, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory active ingredient. After its application, we can apply the post-waxing cosmetic of our choice on the area.

Tip: we can also recommend the use of Hair Puller from StarpilHair Puller, in case our client usually has problems of superficial folliculitis, ingrown hair and it would even be correct to use it after shaving the beard in men.


The Coral line of Starpil has a low-melting wax that is perfect for this area.

It contains in its composition a small amount of titanium dioxide, which makes the wax behave more kindly to the skin. It is a polymerized wax, it is an elastic wax. The polymers give it this very noticeable quality when working.

Starpilhas been created to perform the "Swinging" technique with the low melting wax Coral. It can be applied in the groin and also in the armpits. It involves, with a very small amount of wax, making pendulum-like maneuvers with the spatula, completely enveloping the hair. It is a technique that minimizes the discomfort of our client, it is highly effective from the first application. In this way we also minimize possible reddening of the skin and use less product.

Ana Laura Vazquez
Technical and Training Director - STARPIL