Male Waxing

In today's world, both men and women demand hair removal treatments. And it's really important to consider several differences between them, such as skin type, hair type, and density, etc.

It's very interesting to know that there are several differences between men's and women's skin:

- Men's skin produces more sebum than women's skin due to having more sebaceous glands. Therefore, it will have more oily skin, more visible pilosebaceous pores, and a greater quantity of them. Thus, male skin is oilier than female skin. It is also observed that skin oiliness in men extends over time, while in women, it is minimized during perimenopause.
- Men noticeably have less cellulite than women, as there are hormonal factors behind this pathology of fatty tissue.
- Men have dermis with more collagen than women (it is thicker than women's), so male skin has more support than women's and ages differently.

And undoubtedly, the type, quantity, and location of hair are also different. Therefore, these are points we must consider when dealing with male hair removal treatment.

Men typically remove hair from their legs, back, and chest, and generally, the hair in these areas is thick and strong, with higher density than in women.

Starpil recommends in its protocols roll-on systems for large areas such as legs, back, abdomen, and low-melt waxes to combine in more fragile areas such as armpits, groin, and facial hair removal. This way, we can combine different products for the same client, such as roll-on or pot waxes and low-melt waxes, depending on particularly sensitive areas.

Remember the determining factors for a perfect result:

- Excellent quality of waxes and pre and post-cosmetics
- Proper use of pre and post-waxing cosmetics
- Excellent application techniques

By fulfilling each of these, we ensure the effectiveness of the hair removal treatment and the well-being of our client.

Before starting the hair removal treatment, it is essential to assess the skin condition of our client. The wax we choose will be according to this cosmetic diagnosis and will not depend on the hair type, as all our waxes, with our application techniques, remove all types of hair.

If we perceive that our client has sensitive skin or shows certain cosmetic dehydration indicating little integrity in the protective barrier of their skin, we will choose creamy waxes with titanium dioxide that have more affinity for hair than for the skin, and thus are very respectful to our client's skin, for example in the roll-on system: Calendula, Coral, Cappuccino, etc. If it is the case of skin that does not describe sensitivity, then we will choose crystalline waxes with greater adherence, for example, natural, olive oil, seaweed, azulene, etc. In low-melt waxes, the creamy ones: Pink Elastic, Coral, Calendula, Malva, and crystalline ones: Blue Elastic, Natural, Azul, etc.

As we always mention, the use of pre and post-waxing cosmetics is essential for us throughout the hair removal treatment. Remember that we are performing a true beauty treatment and also the use of cosmetics will prevent skin problems, helping noticeably to improve the quality of our client's skin.

Ana Laura Vázquez – Technical Cosmetologist.

Starpil Technical Consultant