Exciting! This was our contest "In search of the best depilator in the world" #StarpilContest2023 and finally, we have the winners who shone with their own light! For its professionalism and technique. 🌟


1st Prize - (Peru): Congratulations to the talented for taking the first prize! His incredible skill and dedication make it a lot of products valued in € 1,500, a diploma that distinguishes it as the winner, and the exclusive official uniform Starpil With gold embroidery. In addition, now it is part of our distinguished program Starpil Ambassador!

See the winning video here


2nd Prize - Jessica Becerra @Becerra9553 (Colombia): In the second place, we extend our congratulations to Jessica Becerra @becerra9553. His exceptional ability made it worthy of a fabulous batch of products valued at € 500, a 2nd position diploma and the coveted official uniform Starpil With silver embroidery.

Discover your outstanding video here


3rd Prize - Lelis Fuentes @studio_Lelis_hair_y_Makeup (Bolivia): The third place is for the talented Lelis Fuentes @studio_Lelis_hair_y_Makeup. Their outstanding participation makes it a lot of products valued at € 250, along with a 3rd position diploma and the exclusive official uniform Starpil With bronze embroidery.

Relive your impressive video here


Special mention for Crystal Studio Central (Serbia): A special recognition goes to the Crystal Studio Central Center in Serbia, awarded as the "Best Professional Beauty Devil Treatment". !! Congratulations!! This exceptional center, recognized for its excellence, takes home a prize of € 250 in products and a diploma that validates its outstanding position.

Explore the center video here


We extend our thanks to all the participants for their dedication, passion and effort. You are the heart of Starpil And make our contest a success! Thank you for sharing your talent and making hair removal an art!