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Eva Grigols.

Eva Grífols is a technician in aesthetics since 2000. In 2003 she opened with her mother also aestheticist, one of the first centers of aesthetics in Calafell, since then she has not stopped formed in both manual massage techniques and everything related to everything related to The world of aesthetics. It is difficult to choose what service is preferred, but without a doubt where it most enjoys it with facial treatments and expilations with an inherited depilatory technique of their mother who has made almost forty years have been depilated several generations of faithful clients of sabers of That ahead of everything will always be promoted the quality of the products used for it.

Eva Grigols, has also participated in several conferences held in sector fairs, in addition, has a great presence on social networks with the award-winning group of Facebook the Temple of the beautician, an exclusive group for aesthetic professionals and with its ancient zone , being also a meeting point of beauticians.

Eva Grigols, center d'estética

The choice of StarPil is very simple, for the quality of its waxes. There are no brands with the same quality, texture, elasticity and variety of StarPil waxes in both Roll On System and hot wax. The pre and post depilatory cosmetics brand a before and after in the process of hair removal. With Starpil it is possible to make a simple hair removal to give a plus to the depilatory treatment, getting the client appreciate the difference when being depilated with Starpil waxes.

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