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If you are a lover of avant-garde cosmetics.
You want to continue growing with a biotechnological laboratory with master formulas.
You are passionate and you are up to date with the latest launches, you do not miss any event because you know what it means to be up to date with the latest news.
If you want to communicate to your customers the way to improve their skin and help them feel beautiful.
It's you!

Sandra Monfil

Sandra Monfil "After more than 22 years of experience and multitude of specialization courses
and improvement has arrived
Moment to undertake my dream, have my own beauty institute "
, its establishment NOVOL Institut de Bellesa in Reus is inside the Holding Maystar Group.

Number Institut de Bellesa

I'm very happy to be Maystar Skincare
Ambassador, from the moment I decided to set up the center, I was very clear about which high cosmetic firm I wanted to work. Maystar is undoubtedly a great brand with exclusive patents and work techniques that make the treatments we perform in the cabin and their continuity at home always have spectacular results, in addition all their products contain natural ingredients, they are free of toxic They do not contain parabens and are cruelty free, these being factors an added value.

Raval de Robuster, 13,
43201 Reus, Tarragona

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