Calendula Low-Melting-Point Wax

Highly pliable wax containing polymers. Extremely gentle removal.
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Quantity Carton (tablets, 1 kg)


A line containing in its composition the calendula and in the tea tree.

Calendula: With moisturizing and soothing properties, it helps relieve possible irritations or redness after shaving. Softens the skin.

The tea tree, refreshing and soothing oil that helps restore the pH of the skin. Avoid irritations and redness after shaving. In addition to being formulated with titanium dioxide indicated for sensitive skin. With polymers in its composition which makes it a very elastic wax.


It helps keep the skin clean and protected. Because of its creaminess it is ideal for sensitive skin. For any body area. Especially indicated for more sensitive areas such as facial, English and armpits.

  • Prepare
  • Hydrate
  • Retard hair appearance
  • Perfect start
  • Eliminate even the shortest root hair without breaking it
  • Allows to apply a very fine layer
  • Soft pull
  • Minor dry but always flexible time
  • Very elastic


Apply at 45–50 °C. Only apply in semi-solid-state. Do not apply when liquid. Apply the product using a spatula and keep the wax's edges well-defined so that it can be removed in a single strip without leaving any on the skin. Remove by hand. Do not use waxing strips. Non-recyclable.