Calendula Low-Melting-Point Wax

Highly pliable wax containing polymers. Extremely gentle removal. Its active principles give it antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and skin-healing properties.
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Quantity Carton (tablets, 1 kg)


Contains calendula and tea tree extract. Calendula: possesses powerful antiseptic properties, favours tissue regeneration, improves circulation and skin healing and regenerates the epidermis. Tea tree: one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics. Minimizes hypersensitivity and post-waxing redness. Also contains titanium dioxide, indicated for sensitive skin. Its polymer content makes it highly pliable.


Helps keep skin cleansed and protected. Its creamy texture makes it ideal for sensitive skin. Suitable for all-over use. Especially indicated for delicate areas like face, bikini line and underarms. Prepares Moisturizes Sanitizes Delays hair regrowth Flawless hair removal Removes even the shortest hair at the root without breaking it Applicable in ultra-thin layers. Gentle on skin Dries quickly but remains pliable Highly pliable


Apply at 45–50 °C. Only apply in semi-solid-state. Do not apply when liquid. Apply the product using a spatula and keep the wax's edges well-defined so that it can be removed in a single strip without leaving any on the skin. Remove by hand. Do not use waxing strips. Non-recyclable.