Calendula Sanitizing Prepil Gel

Light, deeply refreshing texture. Prepares skin ready for hair removal. Aids hair extraction. Moisturizes dry skin. Possesses powerful antiseptic properties (protects skin against bacteria, viruses and fungi).
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Quantity Bottle (200 ml)


A waxing line based on calendula and tea tree oil. Calendula: possesses powerful antiseptic properties, favours tissue regeneration, improves circulation and skin healing and repairs the epidermis. Tea tree: one of nature’s most powerful antiseptics. Reduces hypersensitivity and post-waxing redness. Prepares skin for waxing. Absolutely always apply to all body areas before treatment.


Helps keep skin cleansed and protected Suitable for all-over use Prepares Moisturizes Sanitizes


Apply a small amount to skin before waxing, gently massaging in until fully absorbed.