Pink elastic wax

Low melting creamy elastic wax suitable for waxing all body areas. Especially the most sensitive areas such as the face, bikini line and underarms.
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Quantity Jar 600 gr / Doypack 2,2 kg / Doypack 4,5 kg


Pink elastic wax is a formula of several raw materials with different melting points, where the presence of polymers facilitates the application of a very thin, elastic and flexible layer without the wax cracking when pulled off. It is a creamy wax with titanium dioxide in its formulation. It is indicated for sensitive skin and for facial depilation. Capable of removing even the shortest hair by the root. Very kind to the skin when used at the correct temperature (45-50ºC). It is multidirectional.


Perfect adherence. Indicated for very delicate areas (facial, groin and underarms). Suitable for sensitive skin. Perfect extensibility Maximum elasticity. Softens the pore Excellent starting Delays the appearance of hair High performance. The pearls facilitate the dosage and help to modify the temperature if it is too hot. Excellent elasticity Better dosage Fast melting


Apply at 45-50 ºC. It cannot be liquid, the ideal state is semi-solid. It is applied with disposable spatula making the edges very clean to remove the product on a plate and do not leave residues on the skin. Manual removal, without hygienic band. Not recyclable.