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If you are a lover of avant-garde cosmetics.
You want to continue growing with a biotechnological laboratory with master formulas.
You are passionate and you are up to date with the latest launches, you do not miss any event because you know what it means to be up to date with the latest news.
If you want to communicate to your customers the way to improve their skin and help them feel beautiful.
It's you!

Aina Gómez.

More than 21 years ago, start a great project to accompany and direct the customer at each moment to make it feel good inside and outside, we started with integral aesthetics and unisex hairdresser today we have 3 very highlights as the advanced aesthetic unisex hairdresser with a specific care of scalp and pursue the cure of the manes to look healthy and oncological aesthetics where we fully cover all the oncological treatment and care as skin and hair or hair prostheses, in this area we accompany as in all from the heart ❤. 
My experience as well as my expertise within the sector makes me enjoy every day of advanced sustainable cosmetics and work with competent and responsible brands to help get those results that C9N success we share a natural beauty.


I fell in love with the project of being Ambassador of Maystar Star for several reasons that I would like to share a very important one is that I feel #vitalbeauty and believe blindly in it to get an internal and external beauty we have to learn to enjoy every stage of life Caring for how I touched and always with excellent care we got an ephemeral beauty.
Another reason is sharing and enjoying with my work, I feel very fortunate to do something that I love every day. In addition to sharing with a large family and extraordinary human quality, I have given me a great opportunity to continue growing as sorry and as a professional!

Aina Gómez Aesthetic I Imatge


C / Evarist Arnus 13.17 08028 Barcelona
93 491 44 71

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